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CUES Advanced Management Program
From Cornell University


9 months


8 seminars




All leaders

Emerging leaders—accelerate your career and get to the next level!  

Position yourself for future success by gaining deep insights into the C-suite to better understand what their challenges are and how they think. You’ll learn how to connect your day-to-day role with the purpose of your credit union, so you’ll be ready when the opportunity for advancement comes.

Under the guidance of 11 Cornell University faculty members, you will deepen your knowledge of what it takes to be a successful executive. Over the course of 9 MONTHS, 8 COURSES, and 8 LIVE-TAUGHT ONLINE SESSIONS, you will cover a curriculum grounded in research with fresh perspectives and insights from outside the industry. You can immediately apply these lessons to enhance your day-to-day work and contributions to the credit union.

In this course you will explore: 

The CEO Mindset
  • Leading with a CEO Mindset
  • Developing and Communicating Vision and Strategy
The CFO Mindset
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Connecting the Numbers to Strategy and Performance
The COO Mindset
  • Process Analysis in Operations
The CMO Mindset
  • Brand Purpose
  • Understanding Digital Marketing
The CIO Mindset
  • Harness the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of digital technologies

The CCO Mindset

  • Structuring Business Agreements for Success
  • Embracing Basic Contract Principles and Guidelines

The CRO Mindset

  • Identifying and Evaluating Risk
  • Building Constructive Partnerships and Influencing Without Direct Authority
The CHRO Mindset
  • Motivating People for High Performance
  • Leading High Performance Teams
Strategic Thinking: Integrating Mindsets
  • Developing and Communicating Vision and Strategy
  • Final Thoughts and Leading with a Growth Mindset

Learn more about each course and session by visiting our “Curriculum” tab. Questions? Email

Program Details

This emerging leader education program was designed to fit easily into your schedule. Highlights include:

  • Program Length. This nine-month program runs from July 10, 2024 — March 30, 2025
  • Time Commitment. CUES Advanced Management Program consists of eight self-paced eCornell courses open for two-week intervals. Interspersed will be seven 90-minute Cornell faculty-led live online sessions. This will all be delivered over the course of two semesters. 
  • Hybrid Online Learning Model. You will learn together with your class, but each student will receive their own login and participate from their own remote location, via a combination of live online meetings, interactive online discussions, audio recordings, videos, and independent study designed to provide practical experience and reflection.

Why Attend?

  • Developed in partnership with Cornell University, this unique program is specific to the credit union industry and ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH CUES.
  • Complete the program in less than 1 year without travel.
  • Network with other like-minded professionals in your cohort.
  • Earn your Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from Cornell University and CUES, and become part of the extensive Cornell University community network. 
  • Receive the Certified Credit Union Executive Manager (CEM) designation upon completion of all sessions and required coursework.
  • Use this experience as a steppingstone to the prestigious CUES' CEO Institute program.

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Please check back later for 2024 faculty and instructors.


Below are the session dates for the 2023 Cohort. Please check back for 2024 information.

Program Orientation

Live-Taught Session: Leading with a CEO Mindset

Course 1: Developing and Communicating Vision and Strategy

Course 2: The CFO Mindset—Understanding Financial Statements

Live-Taught Session 2: The CFO Mindset—Connecting the Numbers to Strategy and Performance

Course 3: The COO Mindset—Process Analysis in Operations

Live-Taught Session 3: The COO Mindset

Course 4: The CMO Mindset—Brand Purpose

Live-Taught Session 4: The CMO Mindset—Understanding Digital Marketing

Course 5: The CIO Mindset—AI and Digital Technology: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Live-Taught Session 5: The CIO Mindset—Using Data and Technology to Enhance Member Engagement

Course 6: The CCO Mindset—Structuring Business Agreements for Success

Live-Taught Session 6: The CRO Mindset—The Relationship between the CRO and Legal Counsel

Course 7: The CHRO Mindset—Motivating People for High Performance

Live-Taught Session 7: The CHRO Mindset—Leading High Performance Teams

Course 8: Future Looking Skills—Preparing for the Future

Live-Taught Session 8—Final Thoughts: What is Your Mindset? How to Lead Change

Information You Should Know

Credits & Certificates Earned

Students who attend all sessions and complete required course work: 

  • Receive an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from Cornell University and CUES
  • Earn the prestigious Certified Credit Union Executive Manager (CEM) designation
  • Earn 6.4 CEUs upon completion of the program.

CUES Advanced Management Program runs from July 10, 2024 - April 1, 2025 and is delivered over the course of two semesters. During that time, you’ll take eight eCornell courses at your own pace within a two-week time frame. They are interspersed with seven 90-minute Cornell faculty-led live online sessions. 

Live sessions will be recorded and available for playback if you miss a session.

CUES has partnered with Cornell University to meet the development needs of high potential/high performing credit union staff—particularly the key managers, directors, AVPs and VPs at your organization.

About eCornell

Ivy League Curricula and Top-Ranked Faculty

eCornell is Cornell University’s online learning platform, which provides online professional and executive development to students around the world. eCornell courses are all developed by Cornell University faculty, and often include practical insights from other industry experts. All eCornell course content comes from top-rated programs with proven curricula. 

Expert Led, with Structured Flexibility

eCornell courses are online and expert led with structured flexibility. Courses are facilitated by subject-matter experts, who will guide you, challenge you, and help you apply the course concepts to your real-world, on-the-job circumstances. Each course has a defined start and end date, but is designed to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals and allow students to complete their work at the times that work best for them, daytime, evening, or weekends.

Start and End Dates Drive Completion

A critical part of successful self-directed learning is to have a finish line, so eCornell courses have defined start dates and end dates. Most eCornell courses take about six to eight hours to complete, over a two-week period. 

Interaction & Collaboration

As an eCornell student, you are never alone in your course. You are part of a cohort of other credit union staff members from across North America. Required discussions play an important part in your course, giving you and your classmates the opportunity to share and exchange your own experiences, best practices, perspectives, and examples. All this shared learning is facilitated by an instructor who brings both subject-matter expertise and real-world experience. Your interaction with peers from different organizations, and backgrounds fosters collaboration, networking, and a lot of practical, shared learning.

Emphasis on Practice and Application

The ability for you to interact with expert instructors, to ask questions and receive answers, and to learn with—and from—other participants keeps the learning interesting, practical, and above all, relevant to your work. 

And there’s one more key component: practice opportunities. 

Most eCornell courses include a project, which challenges you to apply the course concepts to your own organization. Others include interactive scenarios, simulations, and other engaging practice activities. All courses include tools, techniques, or job aids that you can put to immediate use in your work.

Every certificate program and course is developed with very tangible outcomes in mind. To eCornell, it’s not enough if a course helps you to know something, or even to understand it. Programs are designed to go much further, to equip you to do something—better or for the first time—at your job. 

We ask, “after completing this course, what will participants be able to analyze, identify, assess, implement, calculate, or influence that they couldn’t before?” eCornell courses draw on a variety of components to provide this practical learning:

  • Discussions
  • Projects
  • Practice activities
  • Short videos
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Online tools and downloadable resources
  • Case studies and examples
  • The guidance of an instructor

The eCornell approach positions you as an active participant in the learning process, allowing you to build the necessary problem-solving skills at your own pace and in your own style to confront the real challenges you face on the job and in life.


July 10, 2024 — April 1, 2025



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