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Access CUES Year-End Exclusive Membership Upgrade (New Members Only)

Your Potential, Realized 

CUES is your CU’s one-stop-shop for exceptional talent development, offering something for everyone, including your CEO, board members, executives, managers, and staff members.   

Over 90% of CUES members renew annually.   


Year-End Exclusive Membership Upgrade

Join CUES as an Unlimited Member by December 31 and unlock the option to upgrade to Unlimited+ Membership. ($1,100 – $1,480 savings based on asset size)

For Nonmembers Only – activate this offer by contacting

Top 5 Reasons to Join CUES

Now’s the best time to join CUES—here's why: 
  1. Save Big. Early access to your benefits gives you more bang for your buck—the earlier you join, the more time you’ll have to get a jump start on your 2024 professional goals. 
  2. Improve Your Credit Union's Performance. Grow your credit union and gain a return on your most important asset, your people! 
  3. Grow Your Career. A CUES Membership means easy access to continuing education and resources to help you do your job better.
  4. Find Your Crew. Learn and develop through a network of more than 47,000 of your peers. 
  5. Keep Up on Industry Insights. Stay abreast of pertinent issues that affect the industry.

CUES is for Small Credit Unions Too!

Lower Pricing for CUs Under $149 Million in Assets.

Working at a smaller credit union means having multiple responsibilities and wearing many hats—CUES is here for you.

We make it easy to access quality professional development all in one place and that fits your schedule.


An Unlimited or Unlimited+ group membership means everyone at your credit union can benefit from: 
  • Harvard ManageMentor — 40+ online leadership development courses from the experts at Harvard Business Review.
  • CUES Learning PortalEasily expand your skillset in any soft skill or leadership topic you can imagine with the newly upgraded CUES Learning Portal, where you’ll find access to top-notch courses and engaging Learning Journeys.   
  • Online education for board members through CUES Director Education Center.
  • CUES Virtual Classroom — Highly interactive online training. 
  • Our online networking community, CUESNet, where members connect and share ideas and documents and learn from each other.
Our top tier Unlimited+ group membership also includes: 
  • CUES Compensation Survey Results — Access results of the annual CUES Executive Compensation Survey and CUES Employee Salary Survey.
  • Governance+ — Premium, in-depth education for all your board members, online.  
  • Board Governance Assessment — Quickly and concisely gather honest feedback from all board members.

CUES Benefits

CUES has three membership levels: Individual, Unlimited, and Unlimited+. Explore the benefits of each below.

Individual Membership Benefits

Available to credit union staff or directors.

CUES Learning Portal

A blend of pre-set learning pathways and curated content offer an easy way to expand your skillset in just about any business topic you can imagine. From leadership and coaching to creative writing and data science, from communication to innovation and strategy to customer service, we have what you are looking to learn.

You can also build connections and leverage relationships when you recommend what you’ve learned with others. Managers—easily view the progress of your staff to aid in their development.


Credit Union Management Magazine

CUES Director Education Center

CUES State of Credit Union Training and Development Report

Guide to Effective Mentorship

CUES Guide to Effective Board Mentorship

Welcome to Credit Union Leadership Guide

CUES Councils

Webinar Series

CUES Virtual Classroom

Unlimited Membership Benefits

One group rate covers all credit union staff and directors. Includes Individual Membership benefits (above), PLUS:

Harvard ManageMentor

CUES Leadership Development Guide

Director Onboarding Tool Kit

Unlimited+ Membership Benefits

One group rate covers all credit union staff and directors. Includes Individual Membership and Unlimited Membership benefits (above), PLUS:

Compensation Surveys*


Board Governance Assessment

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